Which SEO plugin is best for a WordPress site?

About Word Counter

This tool helps to count the text of any content. To understand the word count of any page or prewritten paragraph, run our word count tool. For a content writer, word counting is a primary tool to count their text content. 

As you write a blog post, how will you know how many word posts you have written. For this, you will have to take the help of this tool. This tool easily analyzes your post and tells how many words the post is written in. 

How to count words using this tool? 

Paste your content search box and press the submit button. The output will be visible in your front with full word count details. 

How many words are expected in a blog post? 

By the way, there is no compulsion to write a public post how many word posts you have to write. Important that on any subject you want to publish information, how many words can be fully compiled. As per the YOEST SEO WordPress plugin, a minimum of 300 words is required to rank your website on the search engine.

Which SEO plugin is best for a WordPress site?

If your website is on WordPress cms? We recommend Yoest all in one SEO plugin to optimize your website efficiently. Because Yoest has a user-friendly interface to understand the key to SEO. Try the Yoest SEO WordPress plugin today.