Where host your website for the fast response?

About Online Ping Website Tool

This tool will help to measure the time travel from localhost to device and device to hosting server. Localhost receives the request by internet protocol and orders the disk to open the driver of the database to give up the result. If ping speed works properly then the user can access your content fast, but when this takes a long response time, the user closes the web window without browsing your website. 

When a webmaster makes any changes on the server database or builds an RSS feed link, then ping update response slowly until full optimization. 

How to use the online ping website tool?

Enter the original domain URL in the first box, then enter your blog/website name. After that fill updated URL of your blog and the last thing put your RSS feed URL. Hit submit button to get output. The result shows complete data that where is your website hosted, what is response time is to connect the localhost, and how many feeds have your website generated yet. 

Where host your website for the fast response? 

If you are planning to build on the WordPress cms? Godaddy hosting is perfect for blog hosting. Choose the nearest data center to your region. Use fewer WordPress plugins.