What is the Google search engine index?

About Google Index Checker

A webmaster or a blogger knows as well the importance of the search engine index. Google is the world’s largest platform where people search for anything online. What if your website has not listed in the search directory of the Google search engine? As a result, you are losing a huge amount of organic visitors. 

Suppose you are making some goods, but you have not put that item somewhere to sell it from where people want to buy it. Similarly, your blog post or your business website is of no use until the user of it reaches your website. 

What is the Google search engine index?

Gathering information and storing it in a database is indexing. Google crawler find your web pages, information available on your website, then crawler store the data on Google server. Google’s bot crawls all online web pages from time to time to update recent information or changes you have made on your website.

How to use the Google search index tool?

Enter the URL in search and click on the submit button. Our tool will get information by Google index and show you the output. You will be able to see that your web pages are indexed or not? 

How to index a website on the Google search engine? 

If your website is not visible on search engines? Follow this guide to index your website in the Google search engine. 

  • Signup for Google Search Console. or use your Google account.
  • Add your domain property in the search console.
  • Verify domain ownership by following methods. To verify domain ownership as quickly, download the HTML code and upload it on your website root directory. Once uploaded the file, click on verify.
  • Navigate to URL inspection and check your domain indexing status. If your domain is not indexed yet, press the indexing button and wait for few hours. Google’s bot visits your website and index to visible on the Google search engine.