How to remove the corrupt link or outdated links?

About Link Analyzer

Links are the connection between the hosting server and the operating device. Linking with another website that has trust in the search engine may affect your ranking points. Useful links increase the chance to get in touch with Google Spiders to crawl the web pages and understand the algorithm for rank in the Google search result. But too many inferior links can get a website to penalize and be untrustworthy. 

The link analyzer tool enables you to analyze any website and knows how many internal and outbound links are connected with other websites. 

What is an Internal Link?

An internal link is a link of your another page or post but contains the same original domain name. Assume you have published ten posts on your blog? Then you have ten internal links to your blog. Internal links are healthy for a website. Generate sitemap and submit in the search console to index in the search engine.

What is an external link?

Al external link is another website link, which you have integrated with your content. External links are beneficial but limited to improve SEO rank. Ad trusted website hyperlink between content and standing on top.

What is a bad link? 

Bad links mean a connection with any penalized or spamming website hyperlink available on your website. Always try to forget to connect the website to penalized or spammer domain.

How to remove the corrupt link or outdated links?

If you found any suspicious links internal, or external. Remove those links quickly before you got penalized by Google. There are two methods to remove those suspect links from your website.

1- Mannualy identify the internal link located in your content and quietly remove that. But if your external link is suspicious? Ask the domain owner to remove the connection. 

2- Run a link analyzer and keep an eye on outdated links. To remove outdated links? Go to your search console panel.

  • Log in to the Google search console.
  • Find an outdated post or trashed links under the link section.
  • Navigate to link removal and fill the outdated link URL then submit for removal permanently.