How to rank a website by keyword?

About Keyword Position Checker

Keyword positioning indicates a specific ranking position of a website on a particular keyword. Every search engine has a different search term and algorithm. You can check which keyword is targetting to show your website in the search results and the position overall search engine. The best part? It’s all free tool can indicate your keyword positions on popular search engine like Google and Yahoo. 

Our tool might be helpful to improve visibility on the relevant keyword. Keywords play a role in the SEO ranking. They tell the search engine that I have related content on my website, and search engine spiders crawl the particular content page to show your web pages for searchers.

How to check keyword position?

Fill the URL of your website in the first box and put your keywords separation in the second box. Finally, run the analyzer and wait for a while. Our tool will check both your website and keyword positioning that where stands your website on the matching keyword.

How to rank a website by keyword?

Find trending keywords, or search terms in Google trending. Write quality content on matching that keyword and include trending keywords in your content. Do SEO perfectly both on-page and off-page.

Launch an online campaign to rank your website on particular keywords. 

  • Try GoogleAds. Google Ads is a Google product, especially for doing online campaigns for businesses and website owners. Signup using a Google account and create a new campaign on multiple campaign types. Add your website link and create ads under the campaign setting. Add related keywords, which you want to rank your website. Add funds to the advertising account and run the campaign, that’s all. 
  • Microsoft Advertising is own by the second large search engine Bing and Yahoo. GoogleAds and Microsoft Ads look similar also runs on the same pattern. But Microsoft’s advantage is that you can run a campaign on a lower bid amount. The disadvantage is that it has fewer search queries than Google.