How to clear cache completely to a website?

About Google Cache Checker

If you are not aware of the term Google Cache, then this article will help you understand it better. When you search online for any keyword/phrase, the search engine will send a list of results based on your query. The search engine’s main goal is to provide a fast (high quality) user experience. One way it does this is by calculating the ” cache “size” and the time since it last sent the result for every search. This information is stored in the Google servers and used by the Google Search result page. The search engines can recognize when the cache has been updated and thus deliver the latest information to users.

How to clear cache completely? 

To clear your cache, you need to make sure that you have finished using any website before attempting to do so. For example, if you are trying to send a friend an email, do not go straight into the browser and save that email right away; first, clear your cache and send the friend the “email to” link you have saved. This is the easiest way to clear your cache for Google search engines.

Now that you have sent the email, save that link again. After saving it, you should be able to see the new “to” link on the Google search results. Using a cache checker tool, you should be able to see whether your cache is cleared or not.

To use a cache checker.

You only need to open the software and follow the instructions. The software will quickly identify any outdated or incorrect information stored in your cache, as well as give you suggestions on how to clear it. Moreover, you get several other tools from the same company which can help you optimize your website in many other ways as well. They provide a free scan to determine the existence, and content of the cache on your site, as well as a free report on the condition of your cache.

Some web browsers do not automatically clear the cache on every request. The user’s cache storage can be cleared manually with “umms” (Google Chrome) or by using the Tools & Options menu (Firefox). However, this feature is only available in recent versions of Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. In the case of older versions, the only way to clear your cache is to download and install the appropriate add-on or tool. You can download various tools from the Internet, which perform the cache cleaning function for you.