How to check website page speed?

About Page Speed Checker

Page speed indicates that how’s your website taking time to open. A webmaster can check their website speed with the help of this tool and optimize for faster. If your website is taking a long response time to load web pages, the resulting visitor will return before accessing your website. 

Sometimes website response slows because of your server, which you have purchased to host the website. After analyzing your web speed insights, you can upgrade your server, or you will be able to optimize unwanted scripts and compress image sizes. 

How to check website page speed?

Enter the domain name in the search box and test PSI. Our tool gets insights from Google PSI and output ends. There is a mechanism to indicate how your website is performing on the Mobile device and the Desktop device. The result shows a section with optimization recommendations. Note the key points and make required changes to your website for fast loading.

What is the average speed score for a website?

For the best visitor experience and reduce bounce rate, reach at least 60% page speed insight on the desktop device and 80% on the mobile device. Because if your website takes longer to open pages, visitor closes the window and return without reading your content. So, check your website PSI, and enhance the website priming speed.

How to optimize a website for fast loading?

Large image size affects your loading speed. So, before uploading any images on your website, compress them as little and then upload. 

If you’re using WordPress? 

  • Download the WP Optimization plugin. This plugin reduces image size automatically and clears caches. 
  • Enable CDN (content delivery network) in the hosting account.
  • Use Lite theme for your website and remove unwanted plugins.
  • Install AMP WordPress plugin to accelerate mobile pages, fast loading speed.