How do we find a reliable website links checker?

About Website Links Count Checker

“How to count website link”. What is a website link and how is it important to SEO? These two questions have been bothering all the internet marketing experts, gurus, and website owners. If you are also interested in knowing the answer to this question then read on.

A website link is an incoming link from another website that leads to your website. This incoming link may be a text link or an image link or any other links. The most common way of getting links is by submitting your website’s URL in various forums, blog rolls, and social networking sites. Another way is to get linked from websites that are related to yours or target your business niche. It may take some time to find these links as there are so many websites available these days.

How to count website links? 

There are different ways to find these links. First of all, you can use to check for these links yourself by checking to see if the URL that links to you is present on any other websites, blogs, or web pages. If yes then you should make a note of it. However, if this doesn’t work then you should move onto internal link checker tools which may help you find the links.

What are internal links? 

An internal link is a text or graphic link on your website which points to another site. Some internal link checkers may present a list of links where you may choose to your links. But you should make sure that these are trustworthy links as there are thousands of webpages on the web these days which may be sock puppet sites or which may increase your SERPs or ranking.

So how do we differentiate an external link from an internal one?

Generally speaking, a link on your website that points to another website is called an external link and the text or graphic representation of the link may be known as an internal link. Now what happens is that an external link from another website can help increase your rankings in the search engines. However, if your internal link checker finds out that this text or graphic link is not trustworthy then the link may be considered to be a spam link and this will decrease your SERPs or ranking.

How do we find a reliable website links checker? 

It is very easy. For starters, you can always search on the internet and you may find a website links checker that can be used for your SEO purposes. However, you must make sure that the tool you have chosen is completely reliable. Also, make sure that the software that you have chosen is compatible with your computer system.