Why does a webmaster need to maintain page speed?

About Pagespeed Insights Checker Pagespeed Insights Checker is an online program that allows you to analyze your website’s performance through different metrics. If you are a beginner when it comes to optimizing websites, this tool can be very useful for you. Let us take a look at how to run Pagespeed Insights Checker. To analyze … Read more

Which SEO plugin is best for a WordPress site?

About Word Counter This tool helps to count the text of any content. To understand the word count of any page or prewritten paragraph, run our word count tool. For a content writer, word counting is a primary tool to count their text content.  As you write a blog post, how will you know how … Read more

What is a backlink, and how it works?

About Backlink Checker The SEO industry use techniques to rank websites on search engines. Backlinks give surety to get a position on the top of the search result. Make sure how many backlinks are connected with your site. Era big SEO agencies are buying backlinks to rank on top. You, as a genuine webmaster can … Read more

How to rank a website by keyword?

About Keyword Position Checker Keyword positioning indicates a specific ranking position of a website on a particular keyword. Every search engine has a different search term and algorithm. You can check which keyword is targetting to show your website in the search results and the position overall search engine. The best part? It’s all free … Read more

Where host your website for the fast response?

About Online Ping Website Tool This tool will help to measure the time travel from localhost to device and device to hosting server. Localhost receives the request by internet protocol and orders the disk to open the driver of the database to give up the result. If ping speed works properly then the user can … Read more

What does the IP address mean?

About My IP Address An IP address is a number to indicate the identity of any device. All devices that operate through the online Internet have their IP address. The IP address is a unique number that identifies any device, be it a computer, a mobile phone, or a website.  Any device that connects on … Read more

How significant keyword density is beneficial for SEO?

About Keyword Density Checker Keyword density means that how many times a keyword is used on a page. How much responsibility is there in the entire article? With this tool, you can find it very undoubtedly or invent your web page even more engaging.  Even if you want your website to be ranked correctly, you … Read more

What data you can get by the Whois checker tool?

About Whois Checker Whois lookup maintains all information about a website domain. All types of records related to who has bought which website? The website remains with ICANN. ICANN keeps records of all websites, and the registry of online domains is under the supervision of this institution. For example, if you want to build a … Read more

Safe your domain by blacklisting.

About Blacklist Lookup You may have heard about the Blacklist Lookup. It is one of the most powerful ways to find out who owns any particular domain name or sub-domain you are investigating. You see, there is a special page maintained by Google called the Google Blacklist. This special page contains lists of various websites … Read more

Kinds of malicious software and impact.

About Suspicious Domain Checker Suspicious Domain Checker (also known as “SRCE”) is an extremely powerful malware detector for your web hosting account. It works closely like the popular Spyware Detector software, making it perfect for finding and removing malicious codes that may be attached to your hosting site files. The main advantage of this software … Read more