How to avoid using copyright content?

About Plagiarism Checker Plagiarism is the combination of someone else’s intelligence, thoughts, or knowledge with someone’s detail. In another word, plagiarism is a stolen someone’s ideas, information or thoughts. Before publishing any content online or, offline you must have to check your content plagiarism. If you are a webmaster, blog post writer, story writer, book … Read more

How to evaluate your website performance?

About Alexa Rank Checker To know about any website’s popularity? Alexa rank checker is one stop to show you traffic statics and ranking status with all details. Including whats is ranking position globally. Where is the site getting more visitors? What is the traffic source of a website, How is ranking in organic search, direct … Read more

What is the Google search engine index?

About Google Index Checker A webmaster or a blogger knows as well the importance of the search engine index. Google is the world’s largest platform where people search for anything online. What if your website has not listed in the search directory of the Google search engine? As a result, you are losing a huge … Read more

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Why does a webmaster need to maintain page speed?

About Pagespeed Insights Checker Pagespeed Insights Checker is an online program that allows you to analyze your website’s performance through different metrics. If you are a beginner when it comes to optimizing websites, this tool can be very useful for you. Let us take a look at how to run Pagespeed Insights Checker. To analyze … Read more

Which SEO plugin is best for a WordPress site?

About Word Counter This tool helps to count the text of any content. To understand the word count of any page or prewritten paragraph, run our word count tool. For a content writer, word counting is a primary tool to count their text content.  As you write a blog post, how will you know how … Read more

How to check website page speed?

About Page Speed Checker Page speed indicates that how’s your website taking time to open. A webmaster can check their website speed with the help of this tool and optimize for faster. If your website is taking a long response time to load web pages, the resulting visitor will return before accessing your website.  Sometimes … Read more

What is a backlink, and how it works?

About Backlink Checker The SEO industry use techniques to rank websites on search engines. Backlinks give surety to get a position on the top of the search result. Make sure how many backlinks are connected with your site. Era big SEO agencies are buying backlinks to rank on top. You, as a genuine webmaster can … Read more

Why backlinks are more important for a website?

About Backlink Maker You know that a backlink is how crucial for ranking a website on top of search results. How you can get a backlink to your website? What’s the best practice to pointing backlinks to your website end. Link building strategy is critical to get the success your campaign guaranteed. And when it … Read more

How to rank a website by keyword?

About Keyword Position Checker Keyword positioning indicates a specific ranking position of a website on a particular keyword. Every search engine has a different search term and algorithm. You can check which keyword is targetting to show your website in the search results and the position overall search engine. The best part? It’s all free … Read more

Where host your website for the fast response?

About Online Ping Website Tool This tool will help to measure the time travel from localhost to device and device to hosting server. Localhost receives the request by internet protocol and orders the disk to open the driver of the database to give up the result. If ping speed works properly then the user can … Read more